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 Glee Cheerios Adult Cheerleader Costume

Glee Cheerios Adult Cheerleader Costume


The Cheerios may be one of the most famous cheer leading teams ever even if you have never really seen them in action.

In fact, we see them seldom in action but we know all about them – especially a certain select few who are members of their high school’s Glee club.

Before you break out in song, we would like to draw your attention to this great Glee Cheerios Adult Cheerleader Costume which will have everyone cheering for you this season.

The predominantly red and white tank top and skirt has black streamline graphics and WMHS printed on the chest.

To make guessing which Cheerio you may be, there is even an inflatable belly to go with it.

Come on…. you must have guessed.

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 Glee Adult Sue Track Suit

Glee Adult Sue Track Suit


So you are better at barking orders than taking them?

Or you have these great one liners that will stop any fluffy cheer leader dead in their tracks.

Then you need to have this Glee Sue Sylvester Red Track Suit.

She may be some tall skinny dirty blonde with lines on her face, but this fearless coach will not take ‘no’ for an answer and nothing will get in her way.

A shouty red track suit with ‘Glee’ applique and stripes down the sides of the track suit jacket and track suit pants, you could almost hear that shrill whistle blowing.

A Sylvester blonde wig is included with this costume.

Terrible tyrannic attitude, whistle and shoes not included.


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